About me #

Hi, I'm Panagiotis "Ivory" Vasilopoulos, a programmer from Athens, Greece. Most people online know me by the name of n0toose (IPA: /ˈnoː.tus/). I'm currently based in Aachen, Germany as a student. I make music and make photos in my free time.

I speak Greek, English, German and a tiny bit of Dutch. You can refer to me using "they/them" or "he/him" pronouns.

Projects and Interests #

I have created and contributed to dozens of projects over the past few years. Some of them include:

I have briefly contributed to projects like SerenityOS, SuperTuxKart, a server tracking COVID infections in Greece, a Twitter bot for people to learn how to program in Python and a Nintendo 3DS client for the Matrix chat protocol. I don't see everything as particularly noteworthy, but I hope that these examples illustrate what I am generally interested in. I also used to maintain a couple of free-to-use, privacy-friendly Internet services for the public.

I have also worked with the Goethe-Institut in Athens on multiple projects resulting in the production of media containing sociopolitical content.

You can find out more about my programming endeavours here. I also have plans to self-publish my music and photography on this website soon. The types of music I fiddle around with for the most part are electronic music and ambient piano music.

Beliefs #

In short, I believe in digital rights, the right to privacy, the right to repair, LGBTQIA+ rights, as well as the adoption of Free/Libre and Open-Source Software (FLOSS).

I think that technology is incredibly powerful and should make our lives better, not worse.

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